Question: What’S The Main Idea Of The Fault In Our Stars?

What is the main message of the fault in our stars?

He teaches Hazel that every life should be a full life.

He believes that everyone should leave a mark on the Earth.

Augustus shows her that even if you won’t live long, you can live an exciting and complete life.

Hazel realizes this near the end of the book, when Gus gets cancer again..

Did Augustus Waters smoke?

On the airplane, Augustus admits that it’s his first flight ever, and he doesn’t know it’s not allowed to smoke on the airplane. … He actually smoked them all, and thought he could make it to the gas station and back, but couldn’t. Spoiler from the very end: Hazel actually knows this.

Why does hazel like an imperial affliction?

An Imperial Affliction, also referred to as AIA for short, is Hazel’s favorite book, written by Peter Van Houten. … She sees the book as a reference to her own life; she doesn’t want to die without the security of knowing that her parents will be okay.

What is the climax of the fault in our stars?

The climax in The Fault in our Stars is when Gus dies. … Hazel and Issac say things to make Gus feel good and make him die a good death. Quote on quote from the book,”Augustus Waters died 8 days after his pre-funereal,”.

How does the fault in our stars end?

The plot point is clear: in the end, the love of Hazel Grace’s life, Augustus Waters, dies. … Through his death, Hazel is able to learn some things about herself, her take on mortality, and her role in the world.

What does the sun teaches us?

It is about committing to live a life such that you are all the time looking at being of use to the world, rather than using the world. It is about a life of giving, rather than receiving. The sun is constantly teaching us – “Go into any relationship looking at what you can give, and not at what you can receive.”

What are the things we can learn in astronomy?

Definition of astronomy: Astronomy is the study of the sun, moon, stars, planets, comets, gas, galaxies, gas, dust and other non-Earthly bodies and phenomena.

What are some themes in the fault in our stars?

ThemesThe Necessity of Suffering. Unsurprisingly for a novel about kids dying of cancer, suffering is a prominent part of the character’s lives. … Fear of Oblivion. The main characters in the novel are forced to confront death in a way that the young and healthy aren’t. … The Insensitivity of the Universe.

What is the thesis of the fault in our stars?

Thesis. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green effectively explores death through its physical, psychological, and emotional manifestations. A carry-around oxygen tank or a prosthetic leg can be pretty normal in a hospital setting, but out in the real world, they stick out like a sore thumb.

What is the resolution of the fault in our stars?

The resolution of The Fault In Our Stars happens after Augustus Waters dies. At his funeral Peter Van Houten shows up. He finds Hazel and tries to apologize for how rude he was to her and Augustus. Peter reveals a secret that he has not told many about why he never really finished his book.

Does Hazel die?

Quote: Does Hazel Die Some time After Augustus Due to Her Cancer? … According to John Green’s tweet, she dies around a year after Augustus due to her cancer.

What does cancer symbolize in the fault in our stars?

Cigarettes are a well-known carcinogen, and when Augustus explains the cigarette to Hazel it seems it’s cancer specifically he is trying to control. … He reaches for them any time he feels insecure, suggesting they act as a symbolic way for him to control all his fears, with cancer just being the most notable.

What life lessons can we learn from the stars?

Life Lessons I Learned From Watching The SkyWe are not alone in this universe. Beautiful sky withholds many gifts within. The Almighty has not left the sky empty. … Handling positive/negative situations. Many events happen in the sky regularly. … Understanding the flow of life. Every time , the appearance of the sky doesn’t look the same.

What does the swing set symbolize in the fault in our stars?

Hazel’s Swing Set The swing set is a symbol of youth and childhood innocence and reminds both Hazel and Augustus of the carefree life they can never return to.

What is the role of love in the fault in our stars?

Throughout the fault in our stars, one of the most prevalent themes is that of love triumphs over all. … They love her, no matter her attitude, or what she does to ‘minimize the casualties’. this theme displays the dedication love brings out in people, and how loving another person can make you so much stronger.

What literary devices are used in the fault in our stars?

It contains allusion, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors, hyperbole, irony, and personification. All of these literary devices tie in, to create a great book that is full of interesting wordplay. The overall theme of The fault in our stars is Love triumphs through hardship.

What do clouds teach us?

The clouds with different formations, speeds and heights represent the frequency, types and speed of our thoughts. As clouds, our thoughts too shall pass. Glide through your thoughts like birds glides through clouds.